In coming years, hybrid-SUVs are going to become more popular. It is expected that more automakers in future are planning to build vehicles for those customers, who greener cars. Escape will be the one among them, but got identified first.

The vehicle made its debut in the year 2005, and was the first hybrid SUV. It offered high power and effective fuel efficiency. The latest models have been redesigned with metal sheets but hybrid materials are still considered to be the same.

Under the hood, 2011 Ford Escape is integrated with 2.5 liter 4- cylinder gas engine and a pair of electric motors and CVT, which works like a normal automatic transmission. The engine churns out total of 177 horsepower, which doesn’t sound that impressive.

It is available in 2 trim levels: Base and Limited. The base model comes with 16 inch alloy wheels, power accessories, climate control sync system, antilock brakes, airbags front and rear, ambient lighting etc. Ford Escape gas mileage is estimated about 30 mpg.